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WKC English Championships

Posted by on February 5, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Well done to our Squad fighters that attended the first event of the new season - WKC English Championships (light contact) in Manchester on 1/2/15

The following members fought well in each section to collect the following medals and qualify for the WKC World Championships in Portugal in November:


Jaden Harris Cadets 13-15 -50kg Silver

Jaden Harris Junior 16-17 -50kg Champion

Eddy Paddock Cadets 13-15 -50kg Silver

Freya Molloy Cadets 13-15 -60kg Champion

Leon Gold Men's -70kg Silver

Chelsea Munday ladies -65kg Champion

Two successful at ET Sports Awards

Posted by on February 5, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Peterborough BCKA are pleased to announce that two of our members collected titles at the Peterborough Evening Telegraph sports awards, the other finalists collected 'Highly Commended' awards in very competitive sections, well done to all!

Full results:

Eddy Paddock - Young sportsman of the year - Winner

Freya Molloy - Young sportswoman of the year - Winner

Jaden Harris - Young sportswoman of the year - Highly commended

Leon Gold - Sportsman of the year - Highly commended

Andy Whitwell - Coach of the year - Highly commended

Peterborough BCKA - Team of the year - Highly commended

Peterborough Evening Telegraph Sports Awards

Posted by on January 22, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Peterborough BCKA are please to announce that the Peterborough Evening Telegraph sports awards, to be held at the Cresset, Peterborough on 30 January will feature a selection of our team members. 

The following members were nominated in the voting for Sports person of the year in their categories.

Eddy Paddock - Young sportsman of the year

Freya Molloy - Young sportswoman of the year

Jaden Harris - Young sportswoman of the year

Leon Gold - Sportsman of the year

Grant Brown - Sportsman of the year

Andy Whitwell - Coach of the year

Also Peterborough BCKA has made it to the final of Peterborough Evening Telegraph sports awards - Team of the year


Eddy, Freya, Jaden, Leon and Andy collected enough telephone votes to make it to the final three, unfortunately Grant fell slightly short of the final three, but will attend the awards as part of our team along with Chelsea Munday, Courtney Brown and Simon Munday.

We hope to have a few of these finalists collect the title, it would be especially nice to win the team of the year as we are going against teams such as Peterborough United football club, Peterborough Town cricket club and Peterborough Lions rugby club.

Watch this space for an update after the presentation and good luck to all.




Posted by on January 3, 2015 at 11:35 AM

A brand-new club is opening on January 5, 2015, I'm fully expecting this to be a very good and successful club.

We are encouraging new members to come along to Lifestyle Fitness, Peterborough Regional College, Eastfield Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. PE1 4DZ on Mondays 6.30 - 8.00pm



(after the 4 weeks pay-as-you-train as above)




DISCOUNT FOR FAMILIES (£1.00 discount for each additional member).




Cambs times Pre-World report

Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 7:55 PM

Six Peterborough BCKA Fenland fighters gearing up for WKC Championships with medals on their minds


Between Peteborough BCKA competitors Chelsea Munday, Freya Molloy, Jaden Harris, Eddy Paddock, Leon Gold and Grant Brown have, in 2014, collected an impressive 52 titles, 25 of which have been at British or European level.


So it should come as no surprise that executive instructor Andy Whitwell thinks his fighters all have a great opportunity to win medals at the championships, which takes place in Albufeira from November 1-4.


He said: “I am confident that they will do very well, they are six of the best.


“These students are on top of their game and are by far the best fighters in their categories in this area.


“The loyalty and dedication shown by these members make them a pleasure to teach and work with.


“We are all part of a great team working closely with the England squad, pulling in the same direction and I believe this is the backbone of Peterborough BCKA and the reason why we are so successful.


“Without loyalty and respect the team would not enjoy the current results.


“I cannot praise these fighters enough, they are all single-minded in the pursuit for excellence and by training as often and as hard as they do, being as focused as they are, they are giving themselves a great opportunity to win a medal and possibly come home as a WKC World Champion.”


Courtney Brown of Whittlesey also qualified for the championships but recently had a baby daughter so can not make the trip.


The kickboxers are looking for sponsorship to help fund their championship dreams.


If anyone can offer assistance to members of this team, contact Andy Whitwell on 07969792286 or e-mail



Martial arts: Super six off to Portugal in search of title success

Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 8:00 AM


The Peterborough BCKA club have six of their fighters preparing to take on the world.


Representing England in the WKC World Karate and Kick-boxing Championships in Portugal next month will be Chelsea Munday, Leon Gold, Jaden Harris, Grant Brown, Freya Molloy and Eddie Paddock.


The championships take place in Albufeira from November 1-4.


Proud coach Andy Whitwell said: “It’s a great achievement to have six fighters from one club competing and I am obviously very proud.


“And I am confident they will do very well. They really are six of the best.


“I cannot praise them enough. They are all single-minded in the pursuit for excellence and by training as often and as hard as they do, and being as focused as they are, they are giving themselves a great opportunity to win a medal and possibly come home as a world champion.”


To qualify for the WKC World Championships fighters had to win medals at the WKC British Championships.


And there were in fact seven Peterborough fighters who achieved that but Courtney Brown from Whittlesey is unable to travel due to family commitments.


The six making the trip have won an impressive 52 titles in 2014, 25 of which have been either British or European. A further 21 titles were gained at open competitions.


The outstanding students train five to six times a week and apart from improving their skills they also do a lot of road running and circuit training.


Whitwell added: “And it is not only on the competition mats where their success has manifested. Many of them have also had sports awards presented to them and this is a direct result of the performances within martial arts and I am proud to say that I have been a big part of their progress and development.”


Freya Molloy is the reigning Peterborough Telegraph Junior Sportswoman of the Year and Chelsea Munday and Eddy Paddock were runners-up in their categories, while Jaden Harris was voted Ken Stimpson School Sports Personality of the Year and Paddock the Sir Harry Smith Community College Sports Personality of the Year


The six are always on the lookout for sponsors and if anybody is willing to help they can contact Andy Whitwell on 07969792286 or e-mail


Major honours won in 2014




BCKA Nationals: Gold (1)


WKC British Championships: Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (1)


WKC European Open Championships: Bronze (1)


WKKC English Championships: Silver (1), Bronze (1)




WKC British Championships: Bronze (1)


WKC European Open Championships: Silver (1), Bronze (1)




WKC British Championships: Gold (1), Bronze (3)


WKC European Open Championships: Silver (1), Bronze (2)


FSK Grand Championships: Gold (2), Silver (1)


WKKC English Championships: Gold (1), Bronze (2)


Irish Open: Bronze (1)


BCKA Nationals: Gold (2), Silver (1)




FSK Grand Championships : Silver (1)


WKC English National Championships: Bronze (1)


WKC European Open Championships: Silver (1)


BCKA Nationals: Silver (2)




FSK Grand Championships: Bronze (2)


WKC British Championships: Gold (1), Silver (1), Bronze (1)


WKC European Open Championships: Gold (1), Dilver (3)


WKKC English Championships: Gold (1), Silver (1)




Silver (1)


BCKA Nationals: Gold (2), Silver (1)




WKC British Championships: Gold (2), Silver (2)


Irish Open: Gold (2)


WKKC English Championships: Gold (2), Silver (1)


BCKA Nationals: Gold (4)


WKC European Open Championships: Bronze (2)


FSK Grand Championships: Gold (1), Silver (1)


2014 FSK

Posted by on September 2, 2014 at 3:25 AM

Great news from the FSK British Championships which was held at George H Carnall Sports Centre, Kingsway Park, Urmston, Manchester on Sunday 31st August.


All Peterborough fighters are on top form, winning numerous 'open Championships' and British titles this year already and on Sunday the fighters took part in the prestigious FSK British Championships.


The fighters are training extremely hard and I believe that if they keep calm and focused at the world championships in Portugal at the end of next month, all have the potential to become world champions.


I am very proud of all of the fighters and we are now looking for new starters to learn from our squad and maybe go on to become world champions too, however fighting and competing is not compulsory as we offer kickboxing purely for fitness training too.

We are now looking to recruit the next wave of potential world champions, Contact Andy Whitwell on 07969792286 for further details 


FSK results:


Eddy Paddock:

Boys U13 45kg Continuous Silver.

Boys 13-15 45kg Points Gold.


Jaden Harris;

Girls 13/15 50kg Points Gold.

Girls 16/17 50kg Points Gold.

Girls 13/15 50kg Continuous Silver.


Freya Molloy:

Girls 13/15 50kg Points Bronze.

Ladies 60kg Points Bronze.


Leon Gold:

Men's 75kg Points Runner Up.


Grant Brown

Men's 75kg Points Silver.


Chelsea Munday

Girls 16/17 +65kg Points Silver.

Ladies +60 Points Bronze.

WKC European Open and Peterborough Interclub

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 5:40 AM

The event on 20th July was held at George H Carnall sports centre in Manchester and was the WKC European Open Championships, points and light continuous categories from 5 years to Veteran.


Seven Peterborough Fighters took part in this event gaining an impressive 13 medals, with one European Champion in Freya Molloy.


I am very proud of this group of fighters, individually they are doing well but as a team they are encouraging each other and training hard together, 2014 is proving to be a good year for us, the bond in this team is extremely strong and the support for each other and from the traveling army of parents and friends makes Peterborough BCKA a force to be reckoned with at any and every event we attend.


European open championships results:


Jaden Harris - Girls 13-15 -50kg, Light contact - Bronze


Jaden Harris - Girls 16-17 -60kg Points - Silver


Jaden Harris - Girls 13-15 -50kg Points - Bronze


Eddy Paddock - Boys 13-15 -45kg -Light contact - Bronze


Eddy Paddock - Boys under 12 -45kg - Light contact - Bronze


Freya Molloy - Girls 13-15 +50kg - Points - Silver


Freya Molloy - Girls 16-17 -60kg Points - Gold


Freya Molloy - Girls 13-15 +50kg - Light Contact - Bronze


Chelsea Munday - Girls 16-17 -65kg - Points - Bronze


Leon Gold - Men's -65 kg Points - Silver


Leon Gold - Mens -70 kg Points - Bronze


Grant Brown - Men's -70kg - Points - Silver


Courtney Brown - Mens -75kg - Points - Bronze





The competition on 27th July was the Peterborough Interclub Championships, hosted by Clifton Findley


This was a friendly get together from mostly Peterborough Fighters and although a quite small event the quality of fighters there was very good.


Competitors were matched up to create some excellent fights with the 'main bout' being between Peterborough BCKA Grant Brown and Joe Cheetham of Verve kickboxing, Grant won a thrilling fight of two rounds to collect the trophy and the prize money that was put up by the organiser.


As expected, our fighters dominated every category and crowned champions of 13 categories, from the 15 categories entered, proving once again that Peterborough BCKA are the strongest team in the area!


Interclub results:


Taylor Evans - 8 year old - Points Gold


Braydon Evans - 9 year old - Points Gold


Jazmyn Evans - 12 year old - Points Gold


Ashton Brannigan - 8 years old - Points Silver


Ashton Brannigan - 9 years old - Continuous Gold


Kieran Wright - 9 year old - Points Silver


Kieran Wright - 8/9 years - Continuous Silver


Ali Mustafa - 10 year old - Points Silver


Eddy Paddock - 12 year old - Points Gold


Eddy Paddock - 10-12 years - Continuous Gold


Jaden Harris - 14 year old girls - Points Gold


Freya Molloy - Ladies - Points Gold


Freya Molloy - 14 years old girls - Points Silver


Vincent Spencer - 15 - 16 year old - Points Gold


Vincent Spencer - 16 year old - Continuous Gold


Chelsea Munday - Ladies - Points Bronze


Grant Brown - Mens - Points Gold


Grant Brown - Prize Fight - Champion


Ritchie Walton - Veteran Men - Gold


Nationals, Norfolk open and Peterborough series

Posted by on June 30, 2014 at 7:35 PM

The National BCKA Championships.

These were held at Lodge Park Sports centre, Corby where around 300 fighters assembled to compete in the National Championships, as always the competition at this prestigious event was of the highest level but my fighters did extremely well, fighter of the day at this event was Edward Paddock who entered four categories and became national champion in each one, winning his own category was expected but when he stepped up to fight boys that were over 6' while giving away three years and a lot of weight, he did exceptionally well!

Every fighter from our team gave an excellent display with some new fighters coming through and gaining valuable experience at the highest level.

National Results:


Taylor Evans - under 4'4" beginner 2nd


Jazmyn Evans - under 5’ 3rd


Ali Mustafa - under 5' boys Champion


Hani Mustafa - under 5' 6" boys 3rd


Jaden Harris - +5’ advanced points Champion


Jaden Harris - under 50 kg open grade Champion.


Jaden Harris - Ladies under 60 kg open grade 2nd


Edward Paddock - under 45 kg mixed grade boys Champion.


Edward Paddock - under 50 kg mix grade boys continuous Champion


Edward Paddock - under 5’ advanced boys points Champion


Edward Paddock - +5’ advanced boys points Champion


Freya Molloy - +5’ advanced girls points 2nd


Freya Molloy - under 60 kg girls continuous Champion


Freya Molloy - +60 kg mix grade ladies Champion


Grant Brown - under 70 kg advanced men 2nd


Grant Brown - under 80 kg advanced men 2nd


Courtney Brown - under 80 kg advanced men 2nd


Courtney Brown - +80 kg advanced men Champion


Karl Strange - +85kg mens continuous 2nd



Norfolk Open.

The Norfolk Open is staged in Stalham, Norfolk and once again our fighters went along to compete although I only sent a selected few to fight.

The event was smaller than anticipated and our fighters dominated every single section they entered becoming champions in 14 of the 17 Categories entered.

There is another event in Norfolk later this year but I am unsure whether we will attend as the competitors didn't test our fighters sufficiently.


Norfolk Open results:



Braydon Evans:


Peewee - champion


Eddy Paddock :


Points -155cm boys champion

Continuous -45kg boys champion


Jaden Harris:


Points -155cm girls champion

Points -165 girls 2nd

Points -65kg ladies champion

Double tag team champion


Freya Molloy:


Points -165 girls champion

Double Tag team champion

Continuous -65kg champion



Leon Gold:


Men's points -65kg champion

Men's Points -75kg 2nd


Chelsea Munday:


Ladies points +65kg champion

Ladies Continuous -65kg champion


Grant Brown:


Mens 75kg points champion

Men's +75kg points champ



Peterborough series.

I took a medium team of fighters to the Peterborough open series yesterday at Ken Stimson school, Werrington, Peterborough

As usual this event did not disappoint and there was excellent fighters on display to rival our fighters, this event gets stronger every year, along with the fighters that attend from far afield.


Our usual fighters collected trophies but I was particularly pleased for two newcomers that stepped up and took on all comers in their section. Ashton Brannigan, a young man from Whittlesey that's won his first trophy at an open competition and Vincent Spencer who collected third place in continuous along with a champion trophy, the third-place trophy was well deserved after fighting in the -65kg boys section and eventually beating an experienced black belt in the third place fight off, Vincent is only an orange belt and been training for a short period of time, he listened to my instructions during the fight and will go a long way within the sport.


Peterborough Series 2 results: 28/06/2014


Eddy Paddock - boys points, U5ft.2 advanced 3rd


Jaden Harris - girls points, U5ft.2 intermediate 1st


Jaden Harris - girls points, U5ft.4 intermediate 2nd


Jaden Harris - girls continuous, U50kg intermediate, 2nd


Leon Gold - men's points U64kg, advanced runner up


Leon Gold - men's points, U74kg advanced 1st


Vincent Spencer - boys points Over 5ft.4, beginners, 1st.


Vincent Spencer - boys continuous, U65kg intermediate/advanced 3rd.


Taylor Evans - boys points, pee-wee. Runner up.


Braydon Evans - boys points, U4ft.4 advanced runner up.


Jazmyn Evans - girls points, U4ft.8, advanced 3rd.


Ashton Brannigan - boys points, U4ft.4 beginners, 3rd.


Freya Molloy - girls points U5ft.4 advanced 1st.


Freya Molloy - girls continuous U60kg advanced 1st.


Matthew Lazenby - boys points, U5ft.4 intermediate, 2nd




I am very proud of the Peterborough area team, we are very successful at the moment and I look forward to the next round competitions, the Northants Open and WKC European Championships

Stamford Festival Focus mitt challenge

Posted by on June 24, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Stamford Festival Focus mitt challenge.

The challenge was set and over the day many people took on the focus mitt challenge, the aim is to land as many clean punches to the focus mitts in one minute...the winner of a free uniform and entry into our Stamford club is Bethan with 204.

Well done Bethan, hope to see you in the club very soon!

Checkout the excellent Stamford club at the following venue:

STAMFORD - Stamford School - New Gym, Conduit Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire. PE9 1QQ on Sundays 5.30 - 7.00pm