Peterbrorough Series February 2014

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 10:35 AM

We Continue with our busy month of competitions with the first of the year at the Peterborough Series in Werrington.

Three fighters who stood out this weekend, were Jaden Harris, who became champion in two sections and came second in another two. Leon Gold who finished as Champion in the two sections he fought in and Grant brown who was crowned over 84kg champion despite giving away over 10kg in a large group. 
I am Very impressed with the fighters at Peterborough series today, our team was on fire and done me and Bcka very proud!

Taylor Evans - Peewee  Points - 3rd
Kieran Wright - Boys U4ft Intermediate Points -2nd
Kieran Wright - Boys U4ft Intermediate Continious - 2nd
Braydon Evans - U4ft4 Advanced Points - Champion
Joseph Foster - U5ft Boys Points - 3rd
Jazmyn Evans - U4ft* Girls Advanced Points - 2nd
Matthew Lazenby - U5ft2 intermediate Points - 2nd
Jaden Harris - U5ft4 Intermediate points - Champion
Jaden Harris - U5ft4 Advanced Points - 2nd
Jaden Harris - U50kg Girls Continious - Champion
Jaden Harris - U55kg Girls Continious - 2nd
Jess Child - U69kg Ladies Points - 3rd
Leon Gold - U64kg Mens Advanced Points - Champion
Leon Gold - U65kg Advanced Continious  - Champion
Courtney Brown - U74kg Mens Points - Champion
Grant Brown - U84kg Mens Advanced Points - 2nd
Grant Brown - Over 84kg Mens Advanced Points - Champion

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