WKC Manchester - Light Contact Event - 23/2/14

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 11:20 AM

For the Third week running, Peterborough BCKA's fighters made the podium at an event featuring the best fighters.
This time, 4 of out fighters travelled to Manchester for the second WKC  British Champion Event this year. This time, it was The Continious event, and came back with an impressive 8 medals between them.

Three of our Fighters, Jaden Harris, Eddy Paddock and Chelsea Munday were Crowned British Champions and the fourth, Freya Malloy claimed 2 silver medals. 

All medalists have automatically quailfied for the WKC World Championships in Portugal later this year.


Chelsea Munday - Girls 16-17 -60kg Gold, -65kg Bronze

Jaden Harris - Girls 13-15 -50kg Gold, -55kg Bronze

Freya Molloy - Girls 13-15 -55kg Silver, -60kg Silver

Eddy Paddock - Boys under 13 -40kg Gold, -45kg Silver

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