The Irish Open 2014

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Well done to Peterborough BCKA fighters that fought in Ireland this month.

The event was the Irish open Championships, these are thought to be the largest martial arts tournament in the world and is a WAKO event.

Over 3500 fighters attended from many different countries and martial arts styles, held at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin, on Saturday 1st and Sunday, 2nd March

Of the seven fighters from Peterborough, three was successful in winning medals, Edward Paddock was the only fighter ever to win two Irish open championship titles.

The four fighters but were unsuccessful this time but will remain focused for the next event was Leon Gold, Chelsea Munday, Freya Molloy and Grant Brown



Eddy Paddock. Boys under 12 years -42 kg Irish open champion

Eddy Paddock. Boys 13 -15 years -42 kg Irish open champion

Jaden Harris. Girls 13 - 15 year old -50 kg bronze

Courtney Brown. Advanced Juniors -74 kg bronze

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