WKC European Open and Peterborough Interclub

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The event on 20th July was held at George H Carnall sports centre in Manchester and was the WKC European Open Championships, points and light continuous categories from 5 years to Veteran.


Seven Peterborough Fighters took part in this event gaining an impressive 13 medals, with one European Champion in Freya Molloy.


I am very proud of this group of fighters, individually they are doing well but as a team they are encouraging each other and training hard together, 2014 is proving to be a good year for us, the bond in this team is extremely strong and the support for each other and from the traveling army of parents and friends makes Peterborough BCKA a force to be reckoned with at any and every event we attend.


European open championships results:


Jaden Harris - Girls 13-15 -50kg, Light contact - Bronze


Jaden Harris - Girls 16-17 -60kg Points - Silver


Jaden Harris - Girls 13-15 -50kg Points - Bronze


Eddy Paddock - Boys 13-15 -45kg -Light contact - Bronze


Eddy Paddock - Boys under 12 -45kg - Light contact - Bronze


Freya Molloy - Girls 13-15 +50kg - Points - Silver


Freya Molloy - Girls 16-17 -60kg Points - Gold


Freya Molloy - Girls 13-15 +50kg - Light Contact - Bronze


Chelsea Munday - Girls 16-17 -65kg - Points - Bronze


Leon Gold - Men's -65 kg Points - Silver


Leon Gold - Mens -70 kg Points - Bronze


Grant Brown - Men's -70kg - Points - Silver


Courtney Brown - Mens -75kg - Points - Bronze





The competition on 27th July was the Peterborough Interclub Championships, hosted by Clifton Findley


This was a friendly get together from mostly Peterborough Fighters and although a quite small event the quality of fighters there was very good.


Competitors were matched up to create some excellent fights with the 'main bout' being between Peterborough BCKA Grant Brown and Joe Cheetham of Verve kickboxing, Grant won a thrilling fight of two rounds to collect the trophy and the prize money that was put up by the organiser.


As expected, our fighters dominated every category and crowned champions of 13 categories, from the 15 categories entered, proving once again that Peterborough BCKA are the strongest team in the area!


Interclub results:


Taylor Evans - 8 year old - Points Gold


Braydon Evans - 9 year old - Points Gold


Jazmyn Evans - 12 year old - Points Gold


Ashton Brannigan - 8 years old - Points Silver


Ashton Brannigan - 9 years old - Continuous Gold


Kieran Wright - 9 year old - Points Silver


Kieran Wright - 8/9 years - Continuous Silver


Ali Mustafa - 10 year old - Points Silver


Eddy Paddock - 12 year old - Points Gold


Eddy Paddock - 10-12 years - Continuous Gold


Jaden Harris - 14 year old girls - Points Gold


Freya Molloy - Ladies - Points Gold


Freya Molloy - 14 years old girls - Points Silver


Vincent Spencer - 15 - 16 year old - Points Gold


Vincent Spencer - 16 year old - Continuous Gold


Chelsea Munday - Ladies - Points Bronze


Grant Brown - Mens - Points Gold


Grant Brown - Prize Fight - Champion


Ritchie Walton - Veteran Men - Gold


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