The B.C.K.A (British Chinese Kickboxing Association) was formed in 1996.

It was originally formed for a group of fighters to compete in an International Competition. Due to the success of the team several fighters, on its return, asked if an organisation could be formed with some sort of training system,to help people fight in competitions. Thus the B.C.K.A was born as a Kickboxing Organisation. 

Principle Chief instructor Alex Barrowman designed a syllabus encompassing all the techniques of kickboxing, taking a raw beginner up to Black belt in club form. 

Within this syllabus Alex encouraged competition sparring. This was nothing new in the world of Martial Arts, but his development of the international forum was different in the way in which he encouraged any fighter, of any grade or standard, to fight internationally and ultimately represent their country. 

Alex wanted to produce a team of fighters that wasn't elitist,but was hard working , with goals to succeed at every level in International Competition. Having taken this step he was approached, several years later, to become the W.K.A (World Kickboxing Association) England Team Manager for the points division. 

The B.C.K.A has, since 2001, supplied fighters to the W.K.A World Championships in Austria, Italy, Republic of Ireland , Switzerland and Canada 2005. 

Anybody joining the B.C.K.A will find its Instructors friendly, informative and professional at all times