Competition Fighting
Competition fighting is a very popular part of the BCKA and we have produced some of the best fighters in the country. The competition fighting is varied and is fought in several different categories: 

Semi Contact
Light Contact
Full Contact

There are also team events where each team consists of 3 - 5 fighters. This is particularly interesting towards the final stages of the event whereby the last fighter can often decide the fate of their team. The pressure is on and the tension is high. 

Semi Contact - By far the most popular of these whereby the fight is stopped after each point is scored and fighters have the opportunity to show off their technical skills and hard nights of training. The fighters wear protective equipment and controlled force is required, any drawing of blood and the aggressor is disqualified.

Light Contact - is fought with no stoppages, unless one of the fighters has run out of the designated area, or they have fallen, been hurt or an item of protective equipment/clothing is causing obstruction or could be damaging to the opponent etc. This category is usually undertaken for the more accomplished fighter and makes for interesting for the spectator as its fast and lively. Again, protective equipment is required and any drawing of blood means instant disqualification to the aggressor. 

Full Contact - is fought in a boxing ring and opponents are allowed to use full force when striking. This differs to similar martial arts as punches, kicks and throws are among the many techniques available to the fighter. There are four judges who sit around the ring marking each round and a main referee within the ring to ensure the fighters comply with rules and safety regulations are met.