Why Should me or my child join BCKA?

  • Our members enjoy improved grades at school, in sport and other activities.
  • They are mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and strong.
  • We have a positive attitude, built on a strong foundation of self discipline and respect.
  • Our members have the confidence and self-esteem to confront challenges in life.
  • Encouraging them to say NO to drugs and negative peer pressure
  • They have the knowledge and skills to defend themselves and stand up to bullies

My child is a bulling victim, what advice can you give

BCKA Kickboxing and Lau Gar Kung-Fu will give your child the attitude and ability to deal with bullies; he/she will grow in confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness, making you an un-suitable target for the bully!  Click HERE to read our detailed information and advice about bulling.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing has become one of the most popular Martial Art training methods throughout the UK and worldwide. Kickboxing seems to be very popular amongst people of all ages. 
It is an effective system of training methods that get people punching and kicking with some power in a short space of time, unlike Martial art aerobic style classes such as boxercise & body combat, which are very basic & offer very little, or no impact as a self defence system, Kickboxing or Kung-Fu will give you the knowledge & ability to defend yourself in time of need........a recommendation in this day & age!

What Is Sparring About?

Sparring is controlled fighting - and something we encourage all students to do however is optional. Sparring is an essential element of training .It gives students a practical insight into the effectiveness of their own training and also how people react to certain techniques. 
The club lesson the ideal safe environment to experiment and learn.

How regular should I train to get the best benefit?

Put simply "You reap what you sow", The more regular and harder your work, the better the benefits . Always remember to attend class to learn, and practise in your own time to retain, this approach seems to be the difference between those that  really make Kung-fu or Kickboxing a way of life

Are there specific enrolment times?

                                                        No. The Clubs allow new students to enrol at any time

Who is it suitable for?

BCKA Kickboxing & kung fu are suitable for people of all ages, male or female. Our classes are tailored to take account of your age and physical capabilities so there is no need to worry whether you are young or old. 
The best approach is to visit your local club and speak to the instructor and they will address your concerns.

Why do martial arts?

People do martial arts for various reasons. Some people train in the arts for self defence, fitness, confidence, others for competition or simply because they have a passion for what they practice. Its up to you to decide what you want to do. 
Martial arts can give you a vast array of principles and techniques to work your body and mind. To become good in anything, you need to practise and martial arts can help improve your quality of life

Are your instructors CRB checked?

Yes, Our instructors are fully qualified & Insured, who have been CRB checked, have completed Sports Council First Aid courses, attended St.Johns Ambulance First Aid courses, Sports Injury, Anatomy & Risk Assesment courses.

What age do you start children?

We can start children from 5 years old if he/she has the concentration level......... If not the chlid will need to bring an older member of the family along to join in also, in which case we can take children from 4 years old. Please contact Andy Whitwell to discuss the options further.

What do I wear?

When you start at one of the clubs, you will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit or jogging bottoms & a T shirt.........due to the techniques and stretching exercises, jeans and tight fitting clothes are unsuitable for martial arts. Students train in bare foot, although martial arts footwear can be purchased through the instructor if preffered.

Will I have to fight if I come?

No. Sparring or 'fighting' is not compulsory in our style, students may come along for the fitness side only.
However, Sparring is encouraged. Any sparring for under 16 years and students not of senior status is strictly semi or light contact with no striking to the face. Students are only permitted to participate in sparring with the recommended protective equipment. 
Semi-contact...............Competition sparring, stopping after each scoring technique. 
Light Contact...............Continuous sparring over a two minute round.

How fit do I have to be?

We have no minimum fitness level needed to start Kickboxing or Kung-Fu. All new starters are encouraged to take it easy & not try to keep up with students that have been training for a longer period. In a few weeks you will realise that your own fitness level, stamina & flexibility is increasing enabling you to work harder for longer. Soon you will be keeping up with the rest of the class. 

Some people are fitter than others but everyone has a base level of fitness which we will help you improve upon. The classes are designed to help individuals become stronger; improve your flexibility and your general fitness. You may also find that you will lose weight, improve your shape and be generally healthier, through practising martial arts. While there are exercises that all students will do, some parts of the training will be catered specifically to the condition and background of each student 
Super fit or out of shape, our instructors will get the best out of you!

Where is my nearest club?

We have clubs on different nights & locations in the area. Please ring Andy Whitwell on 07969 792286 to find out the best suited evening & club for your personal needs, or click the locations tab

Kung Fu or 


Kung Fu is a traditional martial art and Kickboxing is a sport side of martial arts. Most young children will pick up Kickboxing very quickly, where they may struggle with the style, technique and language of the Kung Fu syllabus. 
There is no better style, but a system best suited to the individuals needs, so whether you choose Kickboxing or Kung-Fu as your preferred sport, you will learn routines that develop excellent technique, power and skill levels while improving your fitness, stamina, flexibility, speed and strength.

Do you teach weapons?

Yes, Although traditional weaponry is a part of the style, all weapons work is done in a safe & supervised environment, well away from all adult & child students. 
Weapons are not taught to students below brown and black belt/sash grades, apart from self defence routines against weapon attacks, such as knives etc. The weapons used in this type of training are made of rubber. 
Weapons training is an integral part of all traditional Chinese Martial arts. Our approach is to ensure that students must first have a good understanding of the unarmed aspect of the art before weapons training can commence. 
The traditional weapons taught within the Lau Gar Kuen are the 6ft Staff, 7ft tapered Staff, Broadsword, Butterfly Knives, Trident, Spear & Kwan dao.