Welcome to our new and exciting addition to Peterborough clubs:

Sport Sword.

This is a Japanese sport style of sword fighting, which has been brought over from Japan in the UK for two years.

This is predominantly a competition style of sword fighting, however any new members are not pressured into competition, they can just come along for fitness and fun.

New members will learn how to attack, defend and sword fight using the foam sword, this is done in a fun filled environment alongside our new members and Sport Sword instructors Kim Smith, Wendy Whitwell and Andy Whitwell, the three instructors have some excellent training methods and targeting systems, these were demonstrated recently, where six of our members entered their very first sport sword competition.

This competition was of great success for our team, each of the competitors collected silverware, collecting 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals, these medals were won against clubs that have been going for at least two years, we had in fact only been training eight weeks!  This proves that the training methods we use are effective and we are now training hard for European Championships on July 29, 2019.

The only equipment needed in the sport is a headguard and foam sword, so it makes this an inexpensive way to have fun and get fit, while learning a competition art, lessons are £5.00 adults and £4.00 children

Anyone who is interested in taking part in this exciting and fun new sport can come along to Stanground Academy, Peterborough rd, Stanground PE7 3BY on Saturdays from 11 AM-12 noon, with other clubs in the area starting soon.

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