I've been training with BCKA Peterborough for a couple of months having trained elsewhere previously. 

The BCKA clubs have an amazing atmosphere full of positivity and encouragement, and I can already feel the difference in my techniques and in my confidence both in and out of training. The classes are great fun and all levels and backgrounds are made to feel welcome. They quickly make you feel like you've been there your whole life because they are so friendly and supportive. 

Best thing I ever did was changing to BCKA. Wish I'd been with them from the start!! 

I can't recommend them enough, even if you've no previous experience or level of fitness you shouldn't be put off because they will soon have you making huge gains and giving you the kickboxing bug!

Gillian Grundy - Yellow belt (Kickboxing), ungraded (Kung Fu)

I joined BCKA to learn kickboxing at a time when my self esteem and fitness were at an all time low. In the last 3 years I have achieved things I never thought possible, made life long friends and have grown in many ways. Whether it's for personal fitness goals, the desire to compete or the love of sport I would highly recommend the Peterborough BCKA. So much so I have recently started Kung Fu with the club to expand my skills.

Kimberley Smith - Purple belt (Kickboxing) / White sash (Kung Fu)

I am in my 40s - never been sporty and was persuaded by my daughter to join in. I did. A year later I am progressing at my own speed, making loads of new friends, feeling fitter and healthier and loving every second of it. This class is brilliant for all ages and abilities and we are like one big happy family. It just ticks all the boxes, confidence building, fitness building, and friendship making. Love it and so glad I got bullied into going!

Paula Cousins - Orange belt

Our son Eddy Paddock has been kickboxing with BCKA for 4 years, 3 of which he has been competing local, national and international. Eddy started training with the England  Squad at Corby in 2012 & began to compete for the squad in February 2013 at the Manchester WKC qualifiers for the world championships.

If it hadn't have been for Andy Whitwell giving us a kickboxing promotion leaflet, Eddy would never have achieved the things he has or be who he is today.  This is all thanks to Andy Whitwell and his team of coaches.

We as Eddy's parents are extremely proud of him and highly thank full to Andy Whitwell his Coach.

Iain & Denise Paddock

Chelsea loves kickboxing with bcka. Her confidence has grown and she has made some great friends.

I would highly recommend BCKA to anyone looking for a great martial arts club!
Laura Mead - Parent 


As a 48 year old, I joined BCKA just over a year ago. There were two reasons for joining, something I had always wanted to do since childhood and as a result of a culture of bullying in a prevuous workplace environment, my confidence had drained away. Since joining my confidence has returned to near where it was, my fitness levels are where they never have been and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. I thought at 47, I would have been too old and with the onset of arthritis, I thought I would never be able to do it.

But thanks to Andy and the team. I am pleased to say that I was wrong and they were right. Go BCKA

Mick O'Donnell - Orange belt kickboxing, White sash kung - fu


Charlotte Cameron age 12 will have been with BCKA 3 years in August and she has made lots of friends since joining. She has grown in confidence since day one, and with the guidance of Andy Whitwell & his instructors has grown as a student.

I would recommend BCKA to anyone that is thinking of joining & welcome you to The BCKA Family

Stuart Cameron - Parent


I started kickboxing at 37 and now wish I had started years ago. My fitness has improved immensely and I have met some great people as well! It's a positive atmosphere and environment to train in for all ages, regardless of experience and I learn something new about myself in every session. My son (8) is now involved as well and it's doing his confidence the world of good. Thanks to all at BCKA!! 

Ady Dawson - Purple belt.


Edward Paddock loves his kickboxing. Aged 11 he has been training with BCKA for over two years. His confidence has grown massively and he has made a lot of new friends. Thanks to everyone at BCKA

 Iain Paddock - Parent


 Since I, Jonny Hulatt age 40 and my son Jake age 8, started kickboxing nearly 2 years ago my fitness has just got better and better, I feel I have loads of energy
It's given jake lots and lots of confidence which was needed and he loves the fitness
Also met some great new friends
Thanks to all those at bcka

Bcka has helped me improve my confidence over the past few years, instructors and students are all very friendly and are there to help you anytime, kickboxing is my favourite hobby

Sarah Fountain, age 44 - Purple belt

Bcka has really helped my son calm down with his behaviour. He seems 2 get rid of his excess energy there. It's now his favourite hobby, its nice 2 see. 

Vanessa Hayes - Parent


BCKA have helped my daughter Jaden in so many ways. No longer is she worried about bullies!  She is more confident and has made some great friends since joining.  THANK YOU BCKA! 

 Tor Harris - Parent


After years of boredom in gym. I decided to try BCKA to see if they offered something a little more than just running or aqua aerobics. I was a little worried at first as I thought it might be intimidating, with too many macho type people there. But I was splendidly surprised. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. Kickboxing is a brilliant way to get rid of stress after a long day at the office. On top of this, the instructors are friendly, and are clearly experts in this martial art, I have been a student since January 2010, and know BCKA was the right choice for me. Kickboxing, is the only way for me to feel that I have had the full work out. BCKA cover everything from punching, kicking, to full circuits. Its not easy to start with but after time you notice your fitness levels increasing. 

Louise Cooper age 38 Orange Belt


Bcka has given me confidence and the buzz from training is immense! I love It! I love the way it’s one big family, from white belt to black there is mutual Respect and it’s a fun way to get fit and build confidence!
Tania Melnyk ungraded 31

Never in a million years did I think I would stick it at BCKA but in a short space of time it has given me my confidence back, has improved my fitness with each session and I am truly hooked :)
Louise Pinks, 29, white belt.

Bcka is great for releasing tension/anger as You can imagine your training against anyone who has stressed you out that day. 

Hannah Feetham 23 white belt

"My children have been attending BCKA kickboxing for 3 years, the network of clubs and large pool of instructors makes the BCKA the most thriving and active martial arts association in the region." 

Rob Datson (Parent)

I Joined BCKA kickboxing 6 months ago, and have improved my fitness and flexibility 100% already. Well disciplined, great for all ages.
Paul Bellamy, age 57, Yellow Belt.

BCKA has given my son confidence and discipline and something to focus on. It has helped to keep him off the streets and is encouraging him to mix with and respect people of all different ages. I would recommend BCKA to all Mum's wanting to give their kids some direction.
Juliet Willmore (Aaron's Mum)

" I have been training with BCKA for years and I have achieved so many things I would not have thought possible for someone who grew up in a wheelchair all thanks to the encouragement and help from all those around me!"

 John Whitehead 42

BCKA kickboxing has greatly improved my confidence and social skills and has helped me become the person i am - 

Danny Coe Purple belt

Very interesting bcka club on a Friday , i love it 
Leila 12 - brown and white belt

I really enjoy Kickboxing and Kung Fu with BCKA, it teaches me discipline and respect for Martial Art. Instructors are very helpful and care. The club has a good family atmosphere and most of my family have joined with me.
Brandon King, 13 - Blue Belt/Yellow Sash

BCKA has benefited me so much since i started a year and a half ago, my fitness is now brilliant, This could be you! It is also a magnificent confidence builder, I used to be a very shy boy, now i go out and hold my head high with pride :) 
I recommend kickboxing :) Best decision of your life
Jack Coe, 15, Blue belt

I was looking for a local club that both myself and my daughter (age 9) could train at together, I didn’t want a pay monthly club due to my work commitments, nothing worse then having to pay when u cant making training.

We have both been training with BCKA since November of last year, we attended one class a week for our standard training and our instructor is very thorough and is great for teaching the grading techniques. We also attend the weekly fight club (sparring training) I love this for the cardio side of things and this club has really helped my daughters confidence, again the senior members and instructors are really good and everyone tries to help each other learn and progress. (All egos are left at the door).

We have both recently started the clubs sports sword which again is really good fun and is great for fitness and cardio.

So after less then a year we have both progressed through the grades nicely, competed in tournaments, and made some friends. 

If you want a no pressure, relaxed and friendly club then please give BCKA a try....

Carl Cox, 34, Orange belt.

My son (age 6) joined the BCKA club only last year after the craziness of the covid-19 situation. We were looking for an outlet for all his energy and he was keen to get into the sport. His instructor, Kim, has been his biggest supporter and championed his ability from the beginning! He always looks forward to the sessions, so much so he’s never missed one to date! He’s already achieved multiple belts but it’s been about more than that for him; his behaviour has improved and his commitment, focus and determination have really shown. BCKA are a great club to be a part of both for my son and for me as a parent.
The recognition of hard work really drives everyone within the club and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone!
Rebekah Barrett - Parent